Lord Comfort Tours provides services in professional tours, tour planning, and accommodation bookings and airport transfers & shuttle services.

  • Selling tourism experiences and packages to international tourists and local/domestic tourists
  • Transport bookings
  • Clients preferences
  • Family trips
  • Golf Tours
  • Airport Transfers/Shuttle Services
  • Cruise Tours
  • Group Touring Packages
  • Executive Transportation
  • Self-drive Tour Planning booking
  • Accommodation bookings

Other Major Services

Educational Tours: (Eco-Nature Tours, Hospitality Edu Tours, Historical Tour and Cultural Tours)

The company is also focused on tour packages for schools surrounding KZN and nationally. It's product-line includes numerous tour packages to sites all over KZN based on school curricula, and focused on Eco-tourism studies, historical tours, geographical tours, social studies tours and cultural tours. Other edutainment tours are being planned for the tourist and local social organization markets.

The main target markets are; school curriculum driven school tour market, the tourism market, and the local professional, business, and social organization tour market. Market trends indicate enormous growth in the tourist market with the school market set to grow as the new mandates of the secondary school curriculum are enforced. The increasing thrust towards teaming and recreation among professionals is driving the movement towards edutainment options.